If you are looking for a heavy-duty trailer for commercial or agricultural uses, then a gooseneck trailer may be just what you need. Gooseneck trailers are designed to handle up to 30,000 Lbs! They are extremely maneuverable in comparison to other heavy load-bearing trailers and are extremely stable in comparison to bumper-pull trailers.

What is a Gooseneck Trailer?

A gooseneck trailer has a long “neck” that reaches up over the back of the tailgate and slides over a ball hitch in the bed of the truck.  While this may sound similar to a fifth-wheel trailer, it is in fact, not the same.

Some of the differences between gooseneck hitches and 5th wheel hitches are the coupling mechanism, the level of invasiveness in the truck bed, overall cost, and the types of trailers typically pulled by each hitch. Fifth-wheel trailers use a hinged plate hitch whereas gooseneck trailers utilize a ball hitch.

The main body of the gooseneck hitch typically mounts underneath the truck bed and bolts onto the truck frame using brackets. Gooseneck hitches are typically rated for pulling up to 30,000 lbs. or more, and they are commonly used to tow livestock trailers, horse trailers, and flatbed equipment haulers.

As most pickup trucks don’t have a preinstalled ball hitch on their beds, you might need to have a mechanic install it for you.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Gooseneck Trailer

If you are thinking about buying a gooseneck trailer, there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself in order to ensure you are making the right decision and getting the right trailer for your unique needs.

What Size Gooseneck Do I Need?

Probably the most important thing to know is what size trailer you need. Gooseneck trailers tend to be very large and are great for hauling heavy loads. Because of their size though, it takes someone who is more experienced at hauling to safely tow one of these.

When determining the size trailer you need, make sure you take into account the load you will be hauling. Are you going to be moving cars? Maybe you need to transport your livestock. A good rule of thumb is to always size up though. So if you THINK you need a specific size trailer, it may be best to go a little bit larger just incase.

What’s The Quality of the Trailer I am Looking At?

Quality is important in any trailer, but especially with a gooseneck. You will likely be hauling the heaviest of loads, and therefore need something that is going to stand up to the wear and tear of your toughest jobs.

You want to be sure that the trailer you pick is strong and durable. A well-made trailer will last more than a few years without requiring costly maintenance and repairs. Also, gooseneck trailers built to top quality standards tend to be more stable on the road and allow for more haul weight. You also won’t worry about leveling the trailer every time you hitch it to a tow vehicle. In the long run, will buying top quality will save you a considerable amount of hassle, especially if you don’t know how to level a gooseneck trailer yourself.

I Decided to Buy a Gooseneck Trailer. Now What?

If you are ready to make the leap and buy a gooseneck trailer, one of our no-pressure sales experts will be happy to help get you started with the buying process.  Come down to Kate’s Kars and Trailer Sales in Arthur, IL where you can find a wide variety of gooseneck trailers. We carry brands from the biggest names in the industry, including Load Trail and Midsota. In addition to that, we offer various options for customization, so you can buy the exact gooseneck trailer you want that matches your needs.